10 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Website

Have you been wondering why you should use WordPress for your website? WordPress is one of the most popular website development packages across the globe. It comes with a wide range of add ons and you can customize it to meet your needs and those of other users. WordPress includes features ideal for beginners to help them configure their websites without prior knowledge of programming or coding.

1.      The Process of Building a Website

build website with wordpressAs an average business entrepreneur, you’ll encounter names such as Joomla, WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Magneto, and Weebly in the process of building your website. Each of these platforms comes with unique benefits and many are often used for niche sites with specific functions.

For example, Shopify would only be significant when it comes to running an online store. It would be impossible for entrepreneurs to start a blog on Shopify and later convert it into an eCommerce platform. The same applies to Magneto. The rest of the platforms mentioned before are more flexible and more popular. In this post, we shall discuss the reasons why you should use WordPress for your website.

2.      WordPress is Open-source and Free

One of the reasons why you should use WordPress is that; you can access WordPress.org and WordPress.com free of charge. WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform that gives users the authority to control a big percentage of their sites while leveraging advanced plugins. WordPress.com, on the other hand, is ideal for beginners. Business entrepreneurs, however, should use the former especially if their objective is to make money.

  • Higher Paid Plans

While WordPress.com comes with higher-paid plans, it’s more ideal for hobby and personal blogs than business. You can download WordPress free of charge. Further, it’s an open-source platform that has been in existence since 2003, a clear indication that various contributors have lent a hand in the development of the platform. Often, open-source projects are free and comprise of extensive communities.

Many times, users participate in the community as simple brand advocates or beta testers. You, however, are under no obligation to participate. It’s worth mentioning that while the WordPress software is free of charge, users will have to spend some money. For instance, plugins and themes are available for free on WordPress. Still, the paid or premium ones will give users better-quality support and features.

Many advanced WordPress users opt to pay for extra services. For example, you may want to pay an expert to modify the CSS code or design a logo for your website. The amount of money you spend in terms of maintaining your WordPress software depends on your experience and skill level.

3.      It’s Flexible, Allowing Users to Develop any Type of Website

Many beginners today think that the only reason why you should use WordPress is for building blogs. While WordPress was developed as a blogging platform, it has evolved with new releases and advancements over the years. The fact that WordPress features a blogging background gives it an advantage as a website development software. While WordPress incorporates blogging from the start, other site development tools give applications and design first priority, with the blogging option as a reconsideration. WordPress gives users the ability to build various websites such as:

  • Blogs
  • Portfolios
  • Business websites
  • Ecommerce websites
  • Rating sites
  • Forums
  • eLearning modules
  • Chatrooms
  • Galleries and
  • Job boards

4.      It Supports a Wide Range of Media Types

Numerous file types are compatible with WordPress. They include:

  • Images
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Documents

Hardly will you find that a certain file type isn’t compatible with WordPress. Still, you can work with uncertain file types on WordPress such as 3gp, .key, and .odt. Of course, some file formats such as SVGs aren’t compatible with WordPress, but you still can use other methods to upload them on your WordPress website.

While WordPress allows a big percentage of media files, there are terms and conditions you should abide by. Further, you should only utilize legally authorized media that’s open for free downloads, owned by you, or allowed after the credit is given. Places, where you can find legal media, include:

  • Pexels
  • Visual hunt
  • StockSnap and
  • Unsplash

5.      Learning WordPress is easy and it features a big Community

WordPress is open for use by anyone without being restricted by skill level, premium customer support, or pricing. You don’t need previous programming expertise to use WordPress. Many WordPress users have made various platforms, clearly displaying the various features of the WordPress platform.

You can get official and dedicated customer support across your WordPress forums by paying some amount of money. If you have any questions about WordPress that need answers, all you need is to Google search or type your question at the WordPress community.

6.      You can Easily Customize WordPress with Plugins and Themes

Use WordPress for your website doesn’t have to require programming or web designing knowledge. One of the best reasons why you should use WordPress is because you don’t need to be experienced to use the platform. If you’re yet to enhance your technology skills, WordPress is the ideal solution seeing that it offers numerous free website themes to choose from. You’ll find the ultimate WordPress theme for any type of website whether it’s an online store, business site, or blog.

  • Easy Customization Process

Customizing WordPress themes is an easy process because most of them feature an individual options panel that enables you to upload a logo, change colors, create attractive sliders, modify the background, and generally customize your website to meet your needs. You don’t need any writing code to achieve all these. You can use plugins to customize the functionality of your WordPress website.

WordPress plugins resemble applications for your website which you can utilize to include advanced features such as contact forms, analytics, and membership area among other features. Further, there are numerous premium and free plugins that you can use on WordPress. Apart from enhancing website functionality, some WordPress plugins can help you modify your website to create a new platform.

7.      WordPress is Easily Manageable

use wordpress for the websiteWordPress comes with an inbuilt updates management system that allows users to update both themes and plugins right from the WordPress admin dashboard. Another reason why you should use WordPress is that the platform alerts you whenever there’s a new WordPress version available. This enables you to update your website with a single click of the button. You can utilize a WordPress backup plugin to safeguard your data from hacking and unnecessary accidents.


The plugin is specially designed to create backups and keep them on a remote location safely. In this age where nearly everybody is accessing the internet through mobile gadgets, you want a flexible website which you can use on the go. This is exactly why you need to utilize WordPress seeing that it’s mobile-friendly.

8.      WordPress is Secure

WordPress is built with a special focus on security. Experts opine that WordPress is a safe and secure platform that you can use for website development. Still, you need to

Be prepared for any uncertainties. The internet is full of cybercriminals who are committed to attacking as many sites as they can.

To keep your website protected, there are various simple steps you can take to secure it further. You may want to begin by using complex hard to guess passwords on your website. Some users opt to use firewall protection to secure their sites against popular threats such as malware and brute force attacks.

9.      You can Manage a WordPress Website without Prior Knowledge

If you were to hire a website development company to build your site today, chances are, you’d end up paying colossal amounts of money in terms of; recurring payments each month for maintenance purposes and upfront down payment. Did you know that among the reasons WordPress is important is that; the platform is easy to manage? All you’ll need is to learn how to go about it and get appropriate training. What does website management involve?


  • Ensuring that the server is working well
  • Running backups
  • Controlling spam
  • Monitoring security of the site
  • Ensuring that themes, plugins, and WordPress software are up to date
  • Enhancing SEO and speed
  • Conducting tests to establish broken links and guarantee functionality


Remember, you won’t need to monitor the server personally which is why you’ll need great web hosting services. Your host should be in a position to ensure that the website is operating accordingly always. Backups and security are managed through the use of plugins and a well-strategized WordPress hosting plan. You can get the ultimate web hosting services from SiteGround. Here are the reasons why you should choose this website hosting platform.

·         Excellent Performance and Customer Service

One of the reasons that set a website hosting platform apart from the others is their performance and customer service. SiteGround offers these and many other individual services. Here are the advantages of hosting your website with SiteGround.



  • Excellent Support for WordPress users

By hosting with SiteGround, you can be guaranteed of receiving great customer service. SiteGround offers you phone support, live chat support, and is available 24/7. If you’re a WordPress beginner, SiteGround is the ideal hosting package you should opt for. You’ll get assistance on common WordPress related problems such as WordPress themes, plugins, and installations.

SiteGround strives to cut down the number of support requests presented to its staff, it’s also committed to ensuring that its staff is capable of handling all the support requests. Some of the measures they’ve adopted include: incorporating load balancing and in house tracking systems to enhance the way its staff manages customer requests and providing enough staff in all shifts.

  • Daily Backups

SiteGround executed daily backups in every hosting plan. Purchasing a premium shared hosting plan gives you access to 30 copies of backups and basic restoration features including the backup tool instituted in cPanel.  This tool enables users to restore backups on their own. With this tool, all folders and files, emails, and MySQL databases can be restored to a previous state. Here are WordPress backup plugins you may want to consider.

  • WordPress Backup Plugins

As you use your WordPress website to build your business, you’ll need peace of mind knowing that you can recover data after a breach. WordPress backups come in handy when it comes to security. There are various backup options that you can use to restore your files. First, you need a robust hosting company that can finalize automated backups on your behalf.

SiteGround does a good job in this. Secondly, you’ll want to evaluate some of the WordPress backup plugins available in the market and choose the one that meets your needs. In some cases, you may want to make use of the plugins as well as rely on the hosting company. Here are details on the two methods and why you may want to choose one over the other.

  • What do you need to Backup Your WordPress Website?

use wordpress for websiteUsually, a WordPress backup stores your MySQL database and website files in a different location than you can restore at a later date. In the event your site crashes are modified, attacked, or damaged in any way, you can check the backup list and restore your website back to its original state or a more recent version.

Today, WordPress backup plugins are more advanced and user-friendly complete with more features and enhanced interfaces for users. WordPress users can create their individual backups and safeguard files with ease. It’s worth mentioning that website owners need a simple method of restoring their files, something which WordPress has emphasized.

There are various features you should consider when searching for the best hosting companies that provide backup tools or the ultimate WordPress backup plugins. They are:

  • Storage in Different Locations

Often, backups are stored on different servers to reduce the chances of the files getting threatened if your website is compromised. Generally, storing your data in different places guarantees better security on your data. Having physical backups on your mobile gadgets is a good place to begin. Still, you may want to establish whether your host or plugin stores your files and data on other servers or in the cloud. The ability to access your files is also a great idea.

  • Automated backups

Website owners don’t have to struggle with creating their backups every now and then. There was a time when the manual backup was the only method of backing up your folders and files. While it worked, the method wasn’t ideal because many companies would forget to back up, or begin and never complete the backing up process.

  • Gradual Backups

Gradual backups, also known as incremental website backup is the process where the system only creates a backup when the database tables and website files have been modified. This enhances the performance of your website and prevents many irrelevant backup files and folders on your server. If your backup plugin can scan a big percentage of the recently installed files while skipping the subsequent backup in the event nothing changes.

  • Settings for Determined Scheduling

Some backup programs are specially designed to allow weekly or monthly backups. While this is an excellent start, having settings for more determined scheduling would be a better concept. For example, your company may want to execute a daily or hourly backup. This is critical for compelling websites such as member sites or Woo-commerce.

  • Manual Backup Methods

While automated backups are critical, entrepreneurs should adopt manual backups as an optional backup method. This way, they can be able to store their files whenever they detect a threat on their website and content. You may want to complete the download of your hard drive with a plugin, through your host, or by creating a manual backup, or by downloading your files through SFTP. You could also consider exporting your MySQL database through phpMyAdmin.

  • Disaster Recovery

Is it possible to have a backup for your backups? You need to ensure that your backup plugin company or host has in place a disaster recovery plan for restoring your files if something goes wrong on their side. You wouldn’t want a situation where your website crashes and your backup solution is incapable of helping you retrieve your files.

  • A simple Interface and a Clean Dashboard

These come in handy when it comes to locating and managing backups. Of course, you wouldn’t want to backup your website and still have complex restore and management interfaces. Often when you need to restore a backup, chances are that you’re facing a time-sensitive issue. A clean dashboard complete with instant buttons to facilitate simple restorations, downloads, and deletions, would come in handy.

  • Downloadable Backups

Having multiple backup storage locations is a great idea. You can choose to have an additional backup on a hard drive in your office or at home. To accomplish this, you’ll need to have downloadable backups.

  • Affordable Hosting and a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

SiteGround hosting fees for their shared hosting plans are reasonably priced compared to what other hosting companies offer. The platform offers you a free domain every time you purchase your plan.

  • How to Prevent WordPress Comment Spam

While WordPress is popular, many website owners struggle with managing the large volume of spam in the comment section. Whether you’re running a business or a personal blog, you need to come up with an ideal strategy to avert comment spam. There are numerous tricks, plugins, and settings you can either install or enable to cut down spam on your website by 99%. Some of the strategies you can use include:


  • Disabling comments
  • Deactivating anonymous comments
  • Allowing comment moderation
  • Using a WordPress comment spam plugin
  • Disabling the WordPress author comment link
  • Enabling captcha
  • Applying a WAF
  • Using a third-party comment system


10. WordPress offers the best Blogging Option in the Industry

WordPress was first developed as a blogging platform as we’ve already mentioned. While competitors have arisen there hasn’t been any that can compare to the elegance, robustness, and elegance that comes with the WordPress blogging system. Some of the available options such as Medium, Tumblr, Blogger, and Ghost are ideal for hobbyists while professionals prefer WordPress.

Further, WordPress comes with excellent tools integrated within the WordPress blog editor. You can operate a one author simple blog by leveraging the easy to use media and formatting tools. Users also get the option of developing a comprehensive online magazine by planning posts way in advance and configuring multiple user types for editors and contributors. Other options that users can be guaranteed of getting include: editing everything in their posts and previewing without using code.

  • User Roles

One of the advantages of using WordPress as a blogging platform is the user roles also known as permissions that users get, especially if you’re operating the website as an administrator. What this means is that you can assess all the plugins, files, security tools, and SEO. Even when you hire people to write and edit blog content, you can be sure that they can’t mess around with anything else on the website. You, therefore, can assign one person the editor task and have the others assume the roles of contributors. As the contributors create the blog posts, the editor can be tasked with editing and publishing the posts.


WordPress is among the most popular content management systems of all time across the globe today. Whether you’re tech-savvy or a beginner, you can use the platform for your website with ease. Remember, WordPress is built with a special focus on security, with experts opining that it’s a safe and secure platform that you can use for website development. Still, you need to be prepared for any uncertainties. The internet is full of cybercriminals who are committed to attacking as many sites as they can. To keep your website protected, there are various simple steps you can take to secure it further. You may want to begin by using complex hard to guess passwords on your website. Some users opt to use firewall protection to secure their sites against popular threats such as malware and brute force attacks.

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