Add Google Docs Files to Gmail

How To Add Google Docs Files to Gmail

Google Docs is a robust real-time document authoring and collaboration tool that allows users to edit a document simultaneously. Users can also view the changes each participant makes instantly. Google Docs is versatile, and users can produce a wide variety of data in the form of slide presentations, text documents, and spreadsheets. Let’s find out how you can add Google docs files to Gmail.

 Can I attach a file to a Google Doc Files to Gmail?

Yes, you can do so with any of these two methods.


  • Click the Upload button and select Files
  • Drag files straight from your computer to your documents list


The settings you choose when you upload a file will be replicated to all other subsequent files uploaded. However, you can always change them from the Settings category of the Upload drop-down section.


After uploading a file, you’ll see a box that shows the progress of your upload at the bottom side of your screen. You can choose to: move the box to any side of your screen, minimize it, or share it by clicking on the Share link.


Once the process is complete, click on the document title to launch the uploaded file. If you don’t intend to open the document, click the X located at the top right side of the box to close it. You may need a visual representation of this information to understand it better.


Drag-and-Drop File Upload

The grad and drop feature can only be accessed in the latest Firefox and Chrome versions. This option allows users to drag files from their computers and drop them in the documents list of their Google docs.

Uploading Files on Google Docs Manually

If you’re going to select files from your computer manually to upload on Google docs, the following steps will come in handy.


  • Click the Upload button in your Documents List and proceed to choose Files.
  • Choose the file you want to upload to Google Docs if you’re going to upload multiple files, press and hold the Ctrl or Shift keys on your keyboard and click on all the preferred data.
  • All your files will appear in your Google Docs Documents List.

 Can I send a Google Doc as an attachment?

You can easily send a Google Doc file as an attachment with the following steps.


  • Click on the Drive icon from your Compose window
  • Select the document you want to send
  • If you’ve no additional sharing settings your attachment, you’ll proceed to click on Share & Send and your attachment will be shared instantly. However, if you have allowed pop-ups, you’ll need to confirm whether or not you want to share the selected document
  • After confirmation, click on Share & Send

How do you attach a file in the Gmail app?

The Gmail app allows you to attach files where necessary when you’re sending mail. You can attach a wide variety of data such as photos, documents, and video clips. Here’s how to go about it.


  • Launch Gmail on your computer and click Compose
  • Proceed to Google Drive and choose the desired files
  • Choose the method you want to use in sending the file from the options available at the bottom part of the page. You can either send it as an attachment or a Drive link. The former is only ideal if you’re sharing files that weren’t created with Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, or Forms. The latter, on the other hand, works best for files stored in the Drive and those that were created using Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms.
  • Click Insert to attach

Can you send a Google Doc to Someone without Gmail?

Google drive is an essential tool when it comes to collaboration and sharing of files. Still, not everyone has a Google account, and sometimes you’ll need to share Google Docs files with them. How can you go about it? You can do so with the following three methods.

Send the file as an attachment to the user as an attachment

Open your Google document in Google Drive, select file, and click on Email as an attachment. A dialog screen will then open, and you’ll be able to choose the file format and proceed to insert the recipient’s email address. The file formats include Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, or Rich Text. The file will then sent through email as an attachment in the format you choose.

Authorize Anybody with the Link to Edit the Document

Few people know that you don’t need a Google account to view and edit a file created using Google Docs. All you need to do is adjust the visibility settings to allow people with the link to either edit or view your document.


You can modify your settings by; with your document open, click on the Share button located on the top right side of the page. Check for the Specific people who can access section and click change. Under the Sharing Settings dialog, select anyone with the link. Proceed to the bottom side of the dialog and click “Can view” or Can edit accordingly. Click the Save button to complete the process. A link will then be generated, and you can forward it to your preferred people. They won’t need to sign in to edit the document.

Ask Your Recipients to create a Google Account


If your recipient has no Google account, encourage them to create one. You can share with them the benefits they stand to gain from having a Google user account such as; easy access to all Google products and ability to access documents created with Google Docs and collaborate, and edit the same.


Many people don’t know that a Google account and a Gmail account are two different things. The latter is part of the numerous Google products, and you can sign up for a Google account with any email address. Your Google user account allows you unified access to all the available Google products.




As we’ve seen here, you can easily attach a Google Docs file to Gmail in straightforward steps. What’s more, you can share a Google document with other users whether or not they have a Google user account. If you’re collaborating with non-Google account holders in the long term, you may want to encourage them to sign up for a Google account and enjoy the varied benefits that come with having one.

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