In the world of technology software is much needed in all walks of life.  Learning how to speak another language to create databases for business usage software brings good things to life.  Software trims line all things that are redundant and help us improved our productivities not only in our business but in our daily lives as well.

Tec101 is a tech news website and we added this category to our list of exciting articles to write about.  We add more software learning to our things to write.

All About Software

Tech101 is dedicated to helping you understand and get the best type of software for home or commercial use. We also want you to get credible information on what to do when facing various troubleshooting scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different types of software?

In today’s market, there’s software for virtually any function. Despite all the adverts you see, there are basically three types of software.

Application Software

Application software is a digital tool designed to help you perform specific tasks.

Kaspersky AntiVirus, Microsoft Excel, and Quickbooks Pro are examples of application software. When you want to get rid of viruses on your computer, you’ll need an antivirus. A business owner needs the latest Quickbooks Pro for bookkeeping purposes.

What is the best software for a small business?

Business runs smoothly when all departments have effective management. Here are a few guidelines when choosing application software for your business.


  1. Determine your priorities

What core functions does your business rely on to make sales? This is the determinant for setting priorities.


A shipping company’s main priority is getting reliable software for tracking deliveries to customers. Restaurant owners on the other hand want software that’s able to keep track of sales and inventory simultaneously.


  1. Do some practical research

You might come across software loaded with appealing features that are relatively unheard of. The low price also magnifies the temptation to make a purchase. Should you take a risk with low priced software and save money for your business?


In most cases, cheap turns out to be expensive. If you’re new to the business, take time to visit friends, and find out what applications they use. Doing this will save you lots of money and bad experiences.

2. System software

System software refers to an operating system. In other words, this is the basic program that allows you to install hardware and software on your computer.

What is the best operating system for a small business?

  1. Mode of operation

Some businesses such as software development or banks require virtual networks within offices. A startup owner in either of these categories requires a server-based operating system to create a network and user accounts for employees.


A restaurant can operate with an everyday system software since the only person needs to operate the computer.


  1. Intended use

Each industry has it’s own software requirements. Professional video editors use Mac Operating System due to its stability and variety of features compared to Windows. At this point, you need to visit similar businesses and find out what your peers are using.

3. Programing languages

These are special digital tools used to construct application and system software. You can also use them to create computer software or mobile phone apps.

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