WordPress was written in PHP and MySQL database language and is open-source.  According to this web hosting company it is estimated that 75,000,000 websites are using WordPress for their personal and business.  WordPress allows you to add posts with ease.  It takes as little as 5 minutes to create a WordPress site.

WordPress engine needs to be installed on a web hosting Linux server.  Normally WordPress can be installed automatically by way of Cpanel.  Most web hosting uses Cpanel.

All About WordPress

Perhaps you’ve visited sites with footers at the bottom that read “Powered by WordPress”. What does this mean? WordPress is a content management system designed for blogs, websites, and eCommerce stores.

What is WordPress used for?

Let’s look at how you can benefit from using WordPress in two situations.

5 Benefits of Using WordPress for Your Business

1. Relevant templates

Whether you want to open an eCommerce site or create webpages for a hotel, WordPress has you covered. You don’t have to design anything from scratch because WordPress will suggest relevant website themes that represent your brand in the best way possible.

2. Optimized for Search Engines

WordPress ensures search engines crawl your website by clearly labeling and categorizing resources. One of the ways it achieves this is by generating sitemaps to help spiders crawl your web pages accurately.

3. Accurate analysis

As a business owner, you’re definitely interested in knowing how effective your website is in generating revenue. WordPress can help you analyze your search traffic and conversion rates. This helps you to determine the best days for launching new content or discounts.

4. Optimized for hand-held gadgets

Data analysts from various search engine companies acknowledge the fact that 7 out of 10 internet consumers use hand-held devices. A business with a mobile-friendly theme makes more sales than competitors lacking optimized websites. You can count on WordPress to help you reach potential customers accessing your website through phones and tablets.

Benefits of Using WordPress for Your Blog

1. Friendly to beginners

Do you need any computer programming skills to create a blog? No, you don’t because WordPress provides ready-to-use templates. You don’t even have to watch the video tutorials because the document processor operates in a similar way as Microsoft Word.

2. Customize your blog’s domain

A free blog on WordPress usually contains the suffix “.wordpress.com”. For instance, a home recipe blog on the free package would read ‘www.homerecipes.wordpress.blog.’ The length of this domain might make it challenging for visitors to remember.


WordPress allows you to customize your domain by purchasing annual packages that cost less than $100. This allows you to change a domain from ‘www.homerecipes.wordpress.blog’ to a better format, like www.homereceipes.blog. The latter is easier to remember for first-time visitors on your blog.

3. Variety of useful plugins

Do you want to publish articles that are relevant and optimized for search engines? WordPress has a variety of content writing plugins to boost your writing. You can also get plugins to connect your premium blog with Google Analytics.

4. Upload a variety of media files

WordPress gives you at least 6GB of storage for a premium personal plan. This allows you to upload audio or video files in your articles or blog pages. This also gives you an edge over competitors since you can use videos to boost your marketing.

Get WordPress today!

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