Blogging With WordPress

Why WordPress is Good for Blogging

Here is what you need to know about Blogging with WordPress.  What is WordPress and how it works? A popular content management system is synonymous with bloggers. This MySQL and PHP-based free software debuted in 2003 and is currently the best blogging platform you can use to launch a business. You can also upgrade from a blog to an e-commerce website right on the same platform. So, let’s look at how it works.

Is WordPress free to use?

WordPress based on an open-source software system and this enables anyone to use its blogging services for free. That’s why WordPress runs 47% of all blogs in America. Thanks to its consistency in providing high-quality features, WordPress has set industry standards for rival brands such as Blogger and Joomla.


To get started, you need an active email address to open a new account. Some people usually ask, Can I have multiple sites on WordPress? Yes, it’s possible to have 10 or more blogs running on your free account. Isn’t that great? The reason why is you won’t have to through the trouble of setting up a new email address for each blog.  Plus, it makes it easier to manage all your sites on one platform than using different content management systems.


How much does it cost to have a WordPress site?

Currently, WordPress has three monthly plans suited for personal and business use. The rates are affordable, and you get value for money just looking at the features.


What are the advantages of having a WordPress domain over a free blog? You can significantly improve your blog content when owning a personal account since it enables you to upload audio and video files directly to your posts. With free blogging, a user limited to posting SoundCloud and YouTube links. That makes it difficult to have high sales conversions when you can’t upload video product reviews directly on your site.

WordPress Premium accounts come with advanced social media tools that allow you to manage your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts from one platform. You can even schedule future posts when you’re about to go on a long workshop or vacation. The insights you get are entirely accurate because they enable you to get a clear picture of your demographics.


Five benefits of using WordPress

1. Easy to use

Creating new blog posts on WordPress is so easy because the text processor is virtually the same as Microsoft Word. You don’t need to watch any tutorial to learn how to use heading tags or create bullet lists. The text processor automatically saves your drafts after every couple of minutes to minimize loss of data during a power blackout.

Adding images to your article is easy, and WordPress gives you tips on how to use them to enhance your SEO. While uploading, you fill out alternative attributes and the images’ description using your target keywords to make it easier for search engines to crawl your site.


2. Optimized for mobile phone users

According to a 2017 Statista research, at least 49% of internet users globally accessed the web through a mobile device. When you think about it, you’ll realize the truth in this fact. Some people enjoy reading blogs on their way to school or work. The truth is, most rival content management sites are poorly designed to fit in small screens.

On the other hand, WordPress enables you to customize your screen for desktops, tablets, and mobile phone screens.


If you’re running an affiliate or e-commerce website, you need WordPress to help you boost your conversions. Why? Because by making your online content accessible on content screens, site visitors interested in your products will want to buy on the spot.


3. Appeals highly to search engines

One of the reasons why WordPress stands out in the industry is because its code makes blogs and websites SEO-friendly. Before publishing a blog post or creating a webpage, a user has to provide meta descriptions and various tags using multiple keywords. WordPress structures this information to make it possible for browsers and search engines to gather this information at once.


In addition to providing meta tags, the text processor comes with a variety of heading tags. Using them in your blog posts is essential because it makes it easier for search engine spiders to crawl your newly published content based on keywords appearing in your H1, H2, and H3 tags.


4. Highly secure

Blogging sometimes elicits harsh reactions depending on the published content. Some people might get so angry that they attempt to hack a blog or website to frustrate the publisher. Should you feel worried about hacking attempts when you have a WordPress blog or website?


WordPress ranks best in the content management industry because it’s the safest platform globally. It updates its password security systems annually to counter any unauthorized entries through using two-step identity verification. Your content also gets encrypted to prevent hackers from intercepting your scheduled posts.


5. Thousands of relevant plugins

When you sign up for the business account, WordPress provides you with the Yoast SEO plugin. This software enables you to optimize articles by ensuring you have the right meta descriptions, keyword distribution, and internal links. Plus, it has a reading tool that helps you to format your content in a more appealing layout.

If you’re passionate about publishing the best articles for your followers, then you need tools to help you write high-quality content. WordPress offers a variety of Writing plugins that come with the business account. Some of them guide you on how to use keyword variation in your content for high Page Rankings


6. Web hosting

Although you can use FREE WordPress directly from, it is to your advantage to install WordPress on your web hosting.  By doing this, you can be free to do SEO and rank for your articles.  If you use the free WordPress, you can’t have a meaningful URL that is short and easy to remember or URL that reflects your business.

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Get Started on WordPress today!

All you need is your email address to sign up and enjoy these benefits we’ve just seen. WordPress is highly recommended for business owners because you’ll find hundreds of professional themes that represent your brand’s image just the way you like it. Plus, it allows you to have several sites on one platform which is convenient if you’re running a company with different brands under one umbrella.