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What is Google’s best product? It all depends on what you want to accomplish. Internet techs globally agree that Google offers the best tools to help you grow a business. Come take a look at what’s in store.

How many business products does Google have?

We can categorize these apps according to functions…


Google Play Movies &TV

This product is available on all mobile platforms. All you need is your Gmail account to sign up and start enjoying your favorite TV shows. This entertainment platform offers exclusive movies and television series at quite affordable rates.


Does Google own YouTube? Yes, it does and it’s no doubt the best video streaming platform. Under this brand are other products like YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. YouTube Premium gives you access to exclusive movies, music, and documentaries.



This smartphone currently runs on Android 10 and comes in a variety of internal storage space. You can use the FaceID feature when validating payments for online transactions. It also has a 16MP primary camera while the selfie cam has 12MP.

Google Home

This is a smart device to help you automate a list of activities in your house. It has similar dimensions to a desktop air purifier. By using your voice, Google Home can call an Uber, make appointments, and control your television.

How do I use Google products?

Let’s look at how Google products can help you achieve more productivity.

Office products

Google Sheets

You might think that this is just another version of Microsoft Excel. However, the features in this product are quite amazing and relevant. For instance, you can create detailed templates with less effort compared to using offline spreadsheets. Plus, it allows multiple users to work on a spreadsheet simultaneously.

Google My Business

This app can give you an edge over competitors in your town or city. Google My Business ensures your potential customers can access your store, salon, or premises at the click of a button. It auto-generates a map from the customer’s location to your store, making it easier to convert visitors into revenue.

Online Marketing

Google Ads

Google Ads enables entrepreneurs and marketing teams to create highly relevant online advertisements. You’ll get detailed reports on monthly keyword search volumes for targeted keywords in your industry. Plus, you can set up a marketing campaign for as low as $100.

Google Analytics

Are you a website owner? You need Google Analytics to provide you with accurate information on organic traffic. This product also analyzes each URL from your website to notify you of broken and redirecting links. Broken links in an eCommerce store are bad for business because potential customers cannot make purchases on your site.

Google Webmaster Tool

Google webmaster tool allows you to index your newly created pages or posts very fast.  You need to create an account that is FREE and every time you write a new article you want to make sure Google indexes it.  Google will need a sitemap so you may need to install a sitemap plugin so that it can be automatic and/or you just copy the article URL and paste onto Google webmaster tool.

Other uses are understanding where your traffic is coming from.  Google will specify the page where the traffic started and which keywords users use to find you.   Google analytic can be connected to the Google webmaster tool so that you can readily see the entire picture of traffic generation for your business.

Get started today!

The list of products reviewed is barely a handful of what you’ll find on the Google Products page. Another benefit is that you don’t have to spend money on most of the digital products. So, feel free to download and use them to expand your business.

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