Google Docs

Google Docs

Google Docs which has been around for a little while now is a cloud-based data storage service that is offered for free by Google. It features a low-cost package of products which enable you to create, edit, share and store files with other users online in real-time and from remote locations. Google Docs also has a word processing app that lets you share articles, memos or any other documents with your co-workers or clients.

Many businesses are adopting the tool as a means of increasing the usability and efficiency of information.

How and Why Google Docs is Beneficial to Your Business

Google Docs offers a plethora of uses for the business of all kinds. Aside from storing information online, the products being offered fully collaborative and interactive. They also allow you to share both collections and individual data files. Here are a few ways Google Docs can benefit your business.

Allows you to share a variety of information

To improve functionality and extend functionality, Google Docs collaborates and integrates with hundreds of Apps, so just imagine the number of company topics you can discuss over a shared file. Some of the files include:

  • Sales CRM
  • Projects Management
  • Marketing Projects
  • Brand Awareness

For instance, Google Docs allow the sharing of spreadsheets so that the document website analytics that have been compiled by a separate organization can be viewed in real time. You can also engage in real-time discussions about numbers while forming a plan that will help continue driving traffic to your business.

It is available for many file types

Some of the basic Google Doc Apps include:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Documents
  • Drawings
  • Presentations
  • Web forms

Additional file types are supported through add-on apps available on Google Drive which allows you to open and view almost any file type including .docx, .ppt, .doc, .odt, .xlsx and .xls among others.

High ROI and low cost

Google Docs app is included as part of Google’s Apps for Business. At just $50 per year, Google Docs provides the best in class SaaS (Software as a Service). When compared to a local server which offers costly ways of storing data, Google Docs has virtually zero cost if you consider the amount of available space it provides.

Makes corporate communication easier

Businesses or companies that embrace Google Docs get to enjoy simplified work-based collaboration, which is great for entrepreneurs because initially.  This is because the tool eliminates the lag time that exists with emailing since the access to documents is readily available worldwide and communication is in real time. This also makes conversations efficient because files are shared easily among allowed individuals.

If your employees work remotely, Google Docs allows all of you to work together on single documents at the same time. In addition, all of you can access the shared file or folder despite your locations. Google docs also save any changes or feedback instantly while providing a revision throughout the entire process.



Google docs on Mobile

Google docs is also available on mobile. It can be downloaded from Google Play and from Itunes for use on Android and IOS apps.



Get Google Docs today!

With the information above, there is no doubt that Google Docs can bring many positive changes to the data and information created, edited, stored and shared by your business, so why not get it today!


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