In this space, we’ll attempt to bring back the latest news on all of Google Products.  One of the most used Google products is G Suite.

What is G Suite?

G Suite formerly known as Google apps is a cloud computing solution from Google. It enables companies to communicate within their own given domain, enhance teamwork, securely store information and a way to grow under a common platform.

G Suite eliminates the need for companies to spend any of their money in capital expenditure to acquire privately owned servers. Being a Google service, it is highly familiar, easy to use and highly secure.

G Suite started in 2006 and was known as Google Apps. Ten years later it was renamed to G Suite to represent the variety of services that it provides.

G Suite Features

1.      Gmail

Gmail is a highly used email host. According to DMR, Gmail is used by over 1.5 billion people worldwide. In the G Suite, users are able to customize Gmail for their companies and to use a well-known email dashboard.

2.      Google Drive

Through Google drive, your team can easily access, share and store their work in a secure environment. It allows for fast and easy search of required documents and work stored in the drive.

3.      Google Apps

The G Suite allows you easy access to Google Docs for documents, Sheets to replace Excel sheets and Slides for your PowerPoint presentations. This makes it easy for you to retrieve and proceed with your work fast.

4.      Google Calendar

This common calendar and scheduler can be used to offer information on activities of importance to the whole organization easily.

5.      Google Vault

This feature enables you to back-up and secures all your organizations files, work, and correspondence on the G Suite. It is available to G Suite Enterprise and Business category users.

6.      Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts chat or meet enable faster group or one-to-one communication through messaging or video.

How much does it cost to use G suite?                                                                     

G Suite offers its services in three distinct categories. Basic, Enterprise, and Business.

Each of these categories accesses and enable different services in the suite and thus are priced differently. Besides security, the other importance of cloud computing is storage capacity. Basic offers 30 GB while Enterprise and Business offer unlimited storage space to their users.

The charges for using G Suite are $5, $10, and $25 per user per month for Basic, Business and Enterprise categories respectively.


Benefits of G Suite

1.      Easy to use

Since it is based on Google and Gmail, it is quite easy to use and understand.

2.      Security

It is highly secure through the use of multi-layered passwords and making use of the Google cloud resources. This ensures the clients of the security of their work and resources.

3.      Fast support

G Suite is available 24/7 to answer your calls and emails and you can also easily your solutions by searching on Google.

Get Started with G Suite

To get G Suite all you need is a Gmail account and you are good to go. You can have a 14-day free trial before you commit to starting paying for the service. For a small company, the basic package is enough. For larger companies, it is the Business and Enterprise categories are highly recommended.