Google Text To Speech


Also referred to as the read-aloud technology, text-to-speech is slowly catching up with many people using digital devices. By using text to speech or TTS technology, you can listen to a digital document with just a click of the button. The technique takes words from a device and converts them into audio. This technology is versatile as it works with almost every digital equipment such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.

The technology does not discriminate on what texts to read but reads them all. Any word that is on a page document, online web page or in a word is eligible for this technology. The computer-generated voice comes in various forms. Some of the voices reading the texts sound human while others sound robotic. Quality of the voice also varies, and so does the speed. You may even come across some voices that look like those of children.

What are the Benefits of Text-To-Speech?

Originally used to help people have more access to computers, the TTS technology on the process also helped the visually impaired people to grasp the digital content that they could not read before. It gave people that could not communicate or speak a voice of their own. A good case example is Stephen Hawkins.  TTS benefits both businesses that include website owners and other end users. Other areas that help with TTS are eLearning, eBooks, mobile apps, media, self-service applications, robotics, IOT, and embedded services among many others.

Below are all the benefits that come with TTS

·        Penetration of the global market

Businesses are now able to reach a bigger audience with customizable, lead and life-like, text to speech voices to sell their products and services.

·        Better customer experience

Workers at their places of work get less work and have time on their hands giving them the option of doing something else worthwhile.   The TTS also provides the customers to have their services be more personalized, and the production goes high. With TTS in place, many businesses reduce their operational costs and make more profit.

·        Increases web traffic

Some people with literacy problems cannot browse the web because of their inability to read text documents. Now with TTS, more people can search for whatever they need because everything is speech enabled. It helps everyone from those with visual disabilities to the elderly. It is also beneficial to non-native speakers because they can have the text audio in their languages.

·        Easy to implement

One of the main factors to reckon with in the digital sector today is the IOT. It is quickly transforming how digital business should go. Many companies are taking up IOT to connect different channels to interact with as many users as possible. With TTS, in place, these devices are even better connected to consumers in a user-friendly way.

·        Optimized maintenance and optimization

Both the cloud and on-site premises are the most comprehensive platforms for data storage. TTS is available in all these platforms and supports them with minimal maintenance efforts.

·        Saves money and time

Web-based TTS technology on SaaS cloud-based platforms does not need a lot of costs for maintenance.

·        Great marketing strategy

If your website has good TTS, the thing that may happen is that more users will keep clicking on it and spreading the word about its greatness. Social marketing is one of the significant ways of marketing nowadays, but nothing can beat the old tradition of word of mouth marketing.

·        Better performance by the employees

With TTS, learning for the employees becomes easier using learning modules and e-learning. This makes it possible to learn at any time, and from anywhere they deem fit for them.

·        Relief

Sometimes people are so tired to sit and read about the latest news or gossip, and all they want is to relax. With TTS, now you can rest and listen to your favorite news without the need to read anything.

Is Google Text To Speech Free?

One of the most popular TTS today is Google text to speech application. Developed by Google for the Android Operating System, the application first designed for people with visual impairments and other disabilities that prevented them from reading. Now, the app is versatile and many other users for various other reasons. Ever since the text to speech application hit the market, there are many free offers. Google offers a free app for TTS for android phone users.

Being one of the largest tech companies in the world, Google is always working round the clock to come up with better and more innovative apps to improve the lives of its users. Users can now easily download the Google TTS and have their phone read out their texts by just a click of a button. To do this, you first download the TTS free app and set it up as your preferred tool. If you already have the app set up, all you need to do is update it, and you are good to go. The Google TTS app comes in handy when you want to learn the pronunciation of a word.

It is also of great help when you do not want to look at the screen of your Android device. Also, when you have feedback from your phone, instead of reading through the notifications, TTS can read out what you have via Google talkback and accessibility. The application is versatile, and you will get it thirty to forty different languages including English (India, UK, and the US) Bangla (India and Bangladesh), Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin (Taiwan and China) Thai, French, Germany, Mexican, Italian, Chinese and others.

Wrapping it up

Some people barely use their Android phones because they barely have time to read any content from the screen. Others have visual problems that give them hardships when they are reading any material. Text to speech application makes everything better and more straightforward. You can select whatever default language suits you, and with this, you can reach more people online. You can also promote your products and services mote by adding text-to-speech to make them more popular and many other things. TTS is no longer for the visually handicapped but for all.  Apps that help us work better!