How To Reclaim Google My Business

How To Reclaim Google My Business from a past associate or ex-partner or fired employee can cause a problem for business owners.  Sometimes in life, you can’t predict bad things that can happen to good business. Event likes hire and fire an employee, business partner dissolves, etc. which can play some unpredictable for your Google My Business. They can hold an email that was used to create the map at the start and kept with them when they left. Owners of the business can’t do much because mostly he/she did not know the login and the credentials associated with the map.  In this case, how to reclaim google my business map?

There are two ways to do this.

First, you want to create a new map.  Then claim the ownership of the old map.  Google will send a notification to the old map owner for this change and if they don’t reply for 7 days you will get to claim it.

Second, create a new map with the same company name and category and proceed to rank it to make it the map of choice when Google search for the company name.  Online By Andrew is the company who can help local businesses to reclaim and rank their local map.

Currently, Google does not take into consideration the possibility of the real owner losing their map due to their disgruntled employees or ex-partners who claim the map theirs and just did it out of hate and revenge.

Another way to protect your investment is to always the one who is in charge of all emails, maps that are used for your company. Another great way I can see is to purchase a Gsuite account that uses your own company email address (such as and not so your Gmail account will always be your company email addresses.

We hope these two methods above will help you preserve your company’s Google map. Bookmark our website and come back often for more articles such as these.





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