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Interesting Websites and News

Having a tech expert you can run to when unexpected troubles pop up is a huge blessing. A simple troubleshooting tutorial can save you time and money when it comes to hard and software issues.


Tech 101 is passionate about keeping you up to date with news on.

App reviews

Our app reviews are based on legit testing that lasts for at least one week. Doing this enables us to test features in various situations. Plus, we provide information from a neutral perspective because we don’t have any brand affiliations.

Game reviews

We enjoy reviewing digital games for a living. Our reviews will help you pick the best games that won’t make your device freeze unexpectedly. We also help you choose the best gaming accessories for an enhanced experience.

Desktop software reviews

Tech 101 has a large audience that’s composed of several groups. Each month, we will review software designed for office use, marketing, among others. Also, we’ll do product comparisons to help you determine the best software in your industry.

Emerging trends

Technology is a wide and rapidly evolving industry. Currently, auto manufacturers are ushering us into the age of self-driving cars. Also, there’s an ongoing debate as to whether Virtual Reality Headsets will replace movie theatres.


Best Websites for Learning Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization Skills) are necessary for business and blog owners. You need information on how to discern the best keywords to target in your industry. Plus, SEO knowledge helps you build long-term strategic plans for organic traffic.


At Tech 101, we’ll help you boost your organic traffic by reviewing the best SEO websites. You can then use this information to compare prices and service packages. Also, we’re ready to listen to your input on emerging websites or SEO personalities.

Best Websites for Computer Programmers

Computer programming is fun but also mentally tasking. That’s why most software coders look for tech websites that offer simplified coding techniques. Also, computer programming is a dynamic industry and one needs a reliable source of information to stay relevant.


Tec 101 reviews the best software online forums for beginners and professionals. We do this so you can launch a career in software or establish a business under the guidance of skilled coders. Also, having the right sources of information saves you from getting ripped off when purchasing substandard courses or software.

Best Online Learning Platforms

Do you enjoy learning new skills online? Tec 101 helps you get access to the best trainers in your area of interest. We do this by reviewing courses on Skillshare, Udemy, and Udacity among others. This can actually help you elevate in your career or business at pocket-friendly prices.

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