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We’re eager to show you just how versatile your everyday electronics can get. Follow this section and you’ll be amazed by how much you’ll learn.

How to turn your iPad into a second monitor

1. Get an iPad stand

You’ll need an iPad stand to elevate your tablet to the same level as your computer. It’s easy to purchase one online for as low as $20.

2. Download the relevant app

Windows PC owners cannot start this process without downloading a compatible display monitor app on their tablets. These apps require a monthly subscription for you to enjoy the best clarity.

Owning a Mac makes the process easier because you don’t need any apps. Simply plugin your iPad then activate the Sidecar feature.

How to turn your iPad into a teleprompter

Teleprompters aren’t just for TV anchors. YouTubers who rely on their channels to market products need a teleprompter to upload scripts when recording reviews. In addition, you need a script when doing a podcast.

Let’s look at the steps you need to implement.

1. Get your script ready

Your script should be ready in a document format such as Doc or PDF. Make sure you don’t have images in your document because they’ll distort your presentation. Then, open your script using the Pages app.

2. Activate the Presenter Mode

At the top right of your screen are three dots. Click them then scroll down the menu to ‘Presenter Mode.’ Once the screen changes, click the top right button ‘Aa’. A drop-down menu will appear to enable you to adjust fonts. This menu also gives you different background colors.

3. Mount your iPad

Now that your script is ready, mount your tablet on an iPad stand. Activate the auto-scroll feature so you can flow in sync with the script.

How to turn your laptop into a recording studio

In today’s gig economy, you can turn your laptop into a recording studio. Doing this enables you to make money online recording jingles, voice-overs, and music. Here’s how you can do this at home.

1. Get a desktop mixer

A sound mixer is essential in achieving the best quality of recorded sound. It also comes in handy when doing a podcast since you’re using at least two microphones.

2. Buy a good microphone

You can get a decent microphone online for about $200. This mic will help you deliver a crisp voice way better than a headphone set.

3. Get a Digital Audio Workstation

This is an application that enables you to record and modify sound. You can plug in a Piano via USB and create music on the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Also, you can use a number of filters to record sound using special effects.

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