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How To Live Stream on Facebook

When Facebook introduced live streaming, many people jumped into the bandwagon connecting with their friends and followers in real time. It is two-way traffic because you can engage your friends and followers into a question and answer session and talk just about anything as long as it abides by the Facebook rules. People that you are friends with on Facebook receive immediate notifications once you start streaming. This allows them to follow your live feed from the minute you start. Today, streaming live is even more fun than it was a couple of years ago because Facebook added some creative tools.

You can now use themes, effects, and filters to impress your audience even more and draw them closer to the topic you are talking about on your Facebook live stream.  Live streaming is not only common for people with no businesses. Brand names are making full use of the live stream on Facebook to promote and sell their products. Though it is a very popular activity, not everyone knows about what to expect or how it helps to promote his or her business. Below, we will be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about live stream on Facebook.

How long can you broadcast live on Facebook?

When you go live, and you have a message to pass across or a product to sell, you want to stay live for as long as possible so that you can capture the audience of as many followers as you possibly can. The more people watch your live stream, the more interested they will want to know about whatever it is you are on about. It is always good to give people a warning of the time you will go online so that they can be ready for you.

In some instances, you may have several products that you may want to talk about, but if you stay for far too long, people too might get bored. Make sure, once you are sure you have your audience, you do not take too much of their time but make sure it is enough time to pass over the message. The time limit allowed for a live broadcast on Facebook is four hours, which are enough to put anything and everything across to your live audience.

What is the best time to go live?

The best time to go live is when you know many people will be relaxed. Make sure to choose a time when they are not busy at work or doing other things.

How do you promote live on Facebook?

If you are trying to promote a business live on Facebook, the first time may be quite tricky for you. Even if you are not promoting anything, the first time is always awkward for most people. However, the difference between you and a person that is not promoting a business is that you have more courage because being in business; you may have come many challenges. The following are the things to note if you want to promote anything live on Facebook and this answers another question of how do you do a good Facebook live?

  • Alert your audience that you will go live at a certain time by putting up an update.
  • Make sure your network connection is strong so that Facebook your go-live button does not gray out courtesy of Facebook.
  • Make sure the location you choose for your video is clear and the lighting is excellent. People want to see what you are selling and not blurred images. Also, make sure the location you choose does not have any noises on the background and that the positioning of the camera is good.
  • Be very descriptive of what you are going to live about so that you can increase the interest of your audience. The more descriptive you are, the more comments, reactions and shares your video will get. Before that, do not forget to introduce yourself and to be real to your audience.
  • Before ending the live streaming, convince your audience to follow you and so that every time you go live, they will get the notifications. You can even go a notch higher by creating a call to action and directing your audience to your site.
  • Thank the audience for watching your video.

Further ways to promote your work on live stream

You can also engage your audience more by doing something very different. Take the audience to your part of the world and let them know more about your products and the people behind your business. Go to an event highlighting your products and go live so that they can understand your products or services better. During the live stream, put some time aside for a Q& A session and allow the audience to ask anything concerning the products. Answer them truthfully and if you have someone that shares the same passion as you do, bring him or her as a gust in one of your live shows.

Do Facebook live videos expire?

A Facebook live video shows live when it is streaming but after the live feed, it shows was live.  You can choose to either keep the video on your timeline or delete it. Otherwise, if you do not delete it or hide it from the timeline, it will always show on your past videos. This goes for both personal and business videos. Therefore, the answer to this question is no Facebook live videos do not expire unless you choose not to publish and post them.

Wrapping it up

One of the major advantages of having Facebook live videos is that you can get to watch them at any time even after the live streaming. Many people are using live streaming as their main marketing strategy, and it works wonders. Those starting for the first time may have a daunting task, but after a while; it becomes something very easy to do. One of the things to note though is that Facebook does not allow some content so you must read or ask what you should and should not broadcast. If you do not want to go live but still want to share a video, you can do it and save it to your videos and then download it later on Facebook.

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