Mastering Google My Business

Ways To Mastering Google My Business Without Breaking a Sweat

How can I get my business ranked higher on Google in 2019? Three words; Google My Business. So, what is it? Google launched this digital platform in 2014 to help both large and small businesses to enhance their online presence.


Is Google business listing free? Yes, it is. That’s great, isn’t it? Because it provides a level playing field in every industry when it comes to SEO.


The Important of Mastering Google My Business

Google My Business enables you to enhance your brand’s credibility. When you look at how many of your friends use Android tablets and phones, you’ll notice one thing. Each device comes with a pre-installed Google Maps app.


When you search “Nike store near me,” Google Maps pinpoints your geographical location. Google then displays a list of businesses starting with those registered on My Business.


Google researched in 2014 and realized one important nugget.  Five out of 10 people that search for a product or service using the keyword “near me” end up purchasing within 24 hours. Since everyone trusts Google, then it’s evident that businesses not listed on this platform are losing money.


Mastering Google My Business In 8 Easy Steps

1. Use descriptive keywords

Since this is a free platform, you expect to see some of your competition listed. So, what’s the best way of outranking them? By using the best keywords that your rivals aren’t using. Why is this important? Because your website sends more relevancy signals.

You can get a list of amazing and relevant keywords in any industry using Google Keyword Planner. It’s a free tool, and all you need to use it is your Gmail account. You can count on it because Google updates its database with the latest words or phrases customers are using in your industry.


2. Post your opening and closing hours

Google My Business makes things easier for customers by listing operating hours next to each business. Why is this important? Because it enables people to plan their trips to your store. Someone who’s working a 9-5 job needs to set out time probably a day after viewing your information.

This feature also allows you to schedule holidays so that your customers won’t be surprised to find you closed. Thanks to the mobile app, updating your calendar takes virtually the same time it takes to post a tweet.


3. Encourage customers to post reviews

According to a 2018 Bright Local Consumer Review Survey, a potential customer will trust a business enough to purchase if it has at least ten reviews. That’s an eye-opener because it makes you evaluate your sales funnel. Does the process end once your customer receives their product or service?

Smart business owners encourage customers to post reviews on their Google My Business profiles due to two important reasons. Doing this enhances your credibility, and that makes it easier to convert potential signals because many reviews, especially good ones, win trust easily.


4. Activate your Question & Answers

Have you ever been frustrated because you posted a question on a company’s website, but they never responded? Well, that’s most likely because the business didn’t know how to manage a consistent online presence. As a business owner, Google My Business enables you to respond to questions posed by potential customers immediately.


Maintaining a timely response to posted questions boosts your credibility because a potential customer going through your reviews will also want to know how fast you are in responding to queries. Plus, it’s a great way of finding out products that you currently don’t have but have high demand in the market.


5. Post-high-quality photos

Why do magazines spend so much money on photography? Because research shows that including colorful visuals increases your audience’s curiosity by 80% That’s why Google My Business allows members to upload many images to stand out.


Before uploading your photos, name them according to the keywords that appear in your profile. Make sure you use a good camera to capture your products in the best way possible. Since customers love businesses with an active online presence, change your photos twice a month.


You’ll notice how easy it is to outrank other local businesses that have incomplete profiles.


6. Include an active telephone number

E-commerce websites are constantly improving their mobile optimization because at least 50% of internet users access the web using hand-held devices. Google My Business helps you take a step closer to optimization by listing your telephone number for interested customers to call or text.


At least 50% of potential customers who call or text end up purchasing the product. You have an advantage over a business that only lists its directions and website. Why? Because a potential customer most likely wants an instant response to questions, they have before making a final decision.


7. Activate the booking feature

This feature supports service-oriented businesses. If let’s say you run your private dental clinic, a potential customer can book an appointment online as an alternative to calling your office and speaking to the receptionist. The good news is that you won’t pay anything to include it in your profile.


In this day and age, people are always on the move. So, activating this feature enables people interested in your services to book appointments while driving to work or school.  It’s also a great way of gaining consumer insights because the statistics you get on daily selections can help you schedule better hours.


8. Use relevant emojis in your business description

Google is currently trying out a new feature that allows users to type emojis and get search results. If you run a fast food joint, including hamburger and fries emojis, enable your business to send more relevancy signals compared to other companies.


Now, get ready to implement these tips!

Google My Business is a great platform that’s relevant to your marketing strategy because it enhances your presence in the world’s most trusted search engine.  More Google products to read here.