Review: Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid

When Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers struck U.K. tv – back at the days when we obtained everything years – it turned into an overnight occurrence. Not for me personally, to be honest, as I had already found women and booze… Yeah, women and booze. However, for everybody else, Power Rangers quickly became a significant moneymaker in toys and merchandising.

Despite this first success, I’m surprised that Haim Saban’s (currently Hasbro’s) martial-arts brand is still going strong now, having noticed some 24 seasons, in addition to countless games, comics, and films. The color-coded heroes stay, as do the giant robots, but lots of the places and personalities are changed out repeatedly.

Irrespective of my personal lack of enthusiasm for this specific brand, 1 thing that I do enjoy is battling games. To this end, I have spent some time checking out nWay Games’ recent launch Power Rangers: Fight for the Grid. So wear your very best pair of white wellies and let us find out whether that high-kicking launch is Mighty Morphin’ or Mighty Borin’ (Shut up, it works.)

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