S.E.O. stands for Search Engines Optimization.  SEO is used by professionals to help a website found and ranked on the top 3 of Google search results.

Imagine there is a huge database where Google stores all of the websites it found on the world wide web.  When the search engine receives a search request it will go through all of these sites and find one that is the most relevant to the user’s search phrase.  This task is performed millions of times a day.

So you may want to ask – how does Google bot know which website is the most relevant?

In order to answer this question think a bot is a computer engineer and this computer collects data about your website.  The first collection is the title tag.  The next identifier is called the Meta Description Tag. Then it will scan all of the content on your page.  Remember google ranks pages or posts and not the entire website.  Your job is to make sure each page or post you write adhere to these simple identifier.  Title tag, meta description tag, and content.

The act of putting the correct title tag, meta description tag and content is called on-page optimization.

Given all else equals what makes a website on the top 3 of Google organic?

Your website must be optimized and it must have enough content and links in the right neighborhood.  What constitutes the right neighborhood? Your website must link to sites that have high authority trust scores, or Moz domain authority and page authority.   It must be linked to websites that have similar relevant content.

What is On-page Search Engines Optimization?

On-Page optimization is the act of adding the correct title tag for that page and meta description tag.  The page must have enough number of words in each location.  At this writing, Google is favored longer article so 1000 words is good.

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