What is Text to Speech and how does it work?

Text-to-speech (TTS) also known as ‘speech synthesis’ or how to artificially or digitally re-create human speech from text refers to technology or software that converts written text into audio or sound. It was first developed to assist virtually impaired people to interact with technology as quickly as everyone else. Also, it used in schools as a learning aid.

Mobile devices and computers of all types can help one access text to speech capabilities.

How much does it cost to use text to speech?

One can access text-to-speech software and service freely on the internet.

Also, certain software providers also charge for their services which tend to offer higher level quality and services compared to the free text to speech systems.

Google Cloud offers paid text to speech services for $4 for every million characters. This is an affordable price for anyone in need of the paid for service.


Benefits of text to speech

1.      Helps those who cannot read

Text-to-speech ably assists those who cannot read. For example, a child who cannot read a road sign. They can take a photo of the sign and post it on the text to speech pad. IF the text to speech can read or interpret images, it will in a short time provide audio or sound that explains the sign to the child.

2.      Assists the visually impaired

Text-to-speech helps the visually impaired interact with technological devices such as mobile phones and computers independently. With these capabilities, visually impaired people can easily read and write text messages, work on their computers and make phone calls with little to no chance of error.

3.      Helps enhance comprehension

When used as a learning aid, text-to-speech helps students learn and understand what they are learning quickly. When videos or images used in class coupled with text-to-speech, they keep the students alert and help them to understand more of what they read.

When watching videos online that are voiced by text to speech, one can both read and listen and thus understand more.

4. Assist in the use of mobile devices

Most people find that fonts of content on mobile devices are too small and difficult to read. Text-to-speech-enabled devices to eliminate the need to struggle through the small font and just listen to your content.

5. Put your content out to a larger audience

A visually impaired internet user has decided to sue the managers of Beyonce.com for lack of text-to-speech services that can enable a visually impaired person to navigate the website.

Those who cannot speak but can read can easily use text to speech services to communicate.

Get started with Text to Speech today

Start using text-to-speech today to attract more people to your website. Text-to-speech can also be used in schools to create a variety in the delivery of lessons and to encourage students to experiment and to help them learn and understand more of the content taught.

Text-to-speech is easy to get and use.


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