The Important Speed Of Your Website

Why The Speed of Your Website Is Important?

There is nothing as annoying as a slow website both to the visitors and to you, the owner of the website. If you have a slow website, the success rates go down since many people will give up clicking on a second time if it takes too long to open. A website speed also affects your search engine rankings, which in turn affects your revenue from the website and engagement metrics.

You have everything to gain by improving the speed of your website especially if you have many users that rely on their mobile phones to browse through the internet. A recent study shows that there are more mobile browsers than desktop browsers and they want speed. People with faster mobile websites are in a better position to increase your website search results rankings only if it is quick enough

Website Page Speed and Google Ranking

One of the questions many people ask is this: Does Page Speed affect Google ranking? The answer is yes. One of the significant benefits of having a fast opening website is that it supports a better Google positioning. Your page speed is the best SEO for your website, and if your rankings go down, then you will lose traffic, which in turn will lower your income. If your site is fast, you get promotional adverts that help to build up your income. You have to remember that a fast website keeps your guests coming back and if it is slow, they will visit your competitor’s websites.

What is a Good Google Page Speed Score?

By using various website testing tools such as the Google analytics tool, you can quickly check the behavior and speed of your website. The tool allows you to check every page of your website loading time and score. What you do is log into Google analytics tool, go to behavior, check the site speed and finally go to speed suggestions.

A score of more than 75% means that your website is excellent. For this achievement, the loading time should be between 2 to 6 seconds. If the score is between 50% and 75%, then it means the speed is average, and anything below 50% says that the speed is low. Loading time and speed all depend on the performance of your website pages in Google page speed insights tool, which is another website testing tool to use for testing the speed.

How to Optimize Your Website Speed

Everyone wants their websites to load at lightning speeds but do not how to do it. It is only right to learn how to optimize the speeds of your site because no one wants to wait for a site that takes forever to load. The competition out there is very high, and if you do not make the steps to optimize the speed of your website, then you will have no traffic. Remember that for every single keyword, over 10,000 search results are fighting for the top ranking on Google. You can prevent your audience from closing your website tab by following these guidelines.

·        Make your website design creative

If you want your site to garner speed, you must come up with a plan that is both functional and well structured. A logical explanation must follow everything you put on your website. People need to know where and how to find what they are looking for on your website without having to struggle. Keep the design simple and easy to understand.

Make sure you have a minimal number of buttons and an easy to follow the menu. Having more than two buttons and submenus is a turn off for many users. Make your website look pretty with as little noise as possible. Go easy on the links, banners, forms, and controls because they may cost you in the end. Place everything at their right place on the website for easy access. Use fancy fonts but do not overcrowd your website with them.

·        Use only clean codes

A website runs on code and making that code clean is one of the best ways to garner high performance. A high performing website means that users like it because of its speed and other factors. Clean code should be one that is efficient, well formatted, well organized and re-usable. Code learning can be tricky if you do not know. If you want a clean coded website, hire an expert web designer to do it for you and make sure he does a good job that will increase the speed of the website.

·        Useless but high-quality plug-ins

Plug-ins libraries come with desirable features. All these features come with promises to make your website get to the top and give you a higher ranking. The temptation to install as many as possible because so many of them are free is sometimes overwhelming. They could be free, yes, but they could cost you the websites speed and ranking. The more plug-ins you have on the website, the more the loading time and the slower the website becomes. Before you decide to install any plug-ins, carry an extensive plug-in audit to be sure of the ones that you need.

How to Increase Website Speed on Mobile

Since using the mobile for information is winning over using the desktop today, many people ask this question. How can I increase my website speed on mobile? It is essential to take into consideration that the bulk of your website traffic is with mobile devices. It is also important to note that mobile users have a shorter attention span than people using desktops do.

The first thing to do is test the speed of your website using test my site website testing tool to clarify what the speed of the website is and how many users you are losing or gaining due to the speed. If the speed is not good, use AMP or accelerated mobile pages to speed up your mobile sites. All you do is link your page with AMP and control everything you do to your page. Make sure your website meets all the other qualifications for it to get enough speed to attract more users.

Wrapping it up

Many people today do not want to waste time waiting for sluggish websites to open. If you have a fast loading website, a user will gladly open it repeatedly and maybe even introduce many others to the sight. The more your website gets traffic, the higher the rankings. A slow website will lose you one too many users who will also lose you revenue. With the above tips, you can recharge your site and get noticed.  Tec101 app