Well, does listening to Beyonce make you look stupid?

From the onset, Vigil Griffith, a graduate from the Alabama School of Math and Science made it his goal to “expose corruption, curb abuses of power, and with “gloves off” ensure the digital age never becomes a digital dystopia.” While this might seem quixotic to some readers, it was not surprising when vigil came up with this amazing chart that raised the hairs on some people’s backs.

Do you choose music because of your intelligence? Or perhaps, is it that you choose music because of your personality or mood or emotional state and if so, does that reflect on your intelligence?

Vigil, our brilliant scientist came up through research that shows the correlation between music and SAT scores. We will not make any comments about any particular artist but maybe this might help you score big on the SATs.

The chart begs the question that if listening to Beyoncé or Lil Wayne can adversely affect your SAT performance or general intelligence. It also does question if your choice of music makes you less capable of scoring higher on the SATs. We are sure you can find a lot of rich and smart people that listen to Lil Wayne and Beyoncé so what does this chart really mean?  For more interesting topics that you don’t see elsewhere bookmark us and come back again.