What is IFTTT

What is IFTTT (If This Then That)?

We often heard our readers “what is IFTTT?”.  As our digital lives continue to expand, it also takes into account many platforms, services, and devices. As a result, most of these devices, services, or platforms occasionally overlap in what they do or seem like they would work well together is someone was to come up with a way of connecting them.

Lucky for you, there is a single web tool now available that act as an ultimate automation service for all of your internet-connected things. This tool is called IFTTT which is short for “If This Then That”.

More About IFTTT

Launched in 2010, IFTTT is a free service that is both a mobile app and a website. IFTTT has seen an immense change over recent years to get to the point where it is now which is allowing you to connect all your services. This results in combinations known as ‘Applets’ which essentially automate your daily workflow. It may be through managing websites and apps or home devices.

In simple terms, IFTTT offers you a free and easy way of getting all your devices and apps to talk to each other thus creating a more connected world.

How IFTTT Works

While getting started with IFTTT is not hard, it is advisable to visit their service’s website and take a look at what it supports. Ideally, anyone is capable of making use of IFTTT’s social network connectivity. However, the real fun is having a smart device that supports the platform. Luckily, there is a wide array of products that support IFTTT including a myriad of smart home appliances and devices.

Sign up

After heading to their website and checking out what IFTTT supports, the next step is to sign up for an account. This one-step process only requires your email, a username, and a password. Alternatively, you can sign up using your Google ID or Facebook account. After creating your account which is free, you can now set up your first Applet.

Services offered

At present, IFTTT supports over 360 services. Here, you will find integrations for everything from Facebook to iRobot vacuums. Remember, the IFTTT service for users is free of charge.



These connect two or more devices together thus enabling you to do something that those devices or apps couldn’t do on their own. For example, you could use an Applet to say sync Amazon Alexa with your Google Docs spreadsheets, Evernote, Google Calendar, and more.

According to IFTTT, there are about 11 million users who run over a billion Applets a month. Therefore, there are numerous Applets to choose from.

How Well Does IFTTT Work?

If you want to get the best IFTTT experience try and automate tasks that might be repetitive or most likely to be a nuisance. Most of the suggested scripts or ‘recipes’ such as syncing your Twitter and Facebook photos to Google Drive work well without extra modifications. However, you may come across some that require a bit of modifying to suit your needs.

Try IFTTT today!

It is not a secret that the internet can complicate our lives despite it being a wonderful thing, so why not try IFTTT to make things easier?  More interesting websites and news are added weekly.  Please come back to visit us.

Update 04/30/2020: Sometimes IFTTT can’t read your blog post log in- and you can’t create a service to check for new blog posts. In that case, you need to use the RSS feature of IFTTT and it will work.  Also, you will need to specify the post which should include an image.

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